The NC-AOCR appreciates the ever-present support of North Carolina Superior Court judges.  To read the Resolution adopted by the Superior Court judges at the Fall 2013 Conference, click here.

NC-AOCR members at the Fall 2013 NC Superior Court Judges Conference (from left): Richard DiMartino, Patricia Jaeger, Toni Rayburn, Tina Stancill, Lisa Garrison, and Pam Harris.

Judges mingle around the NCAOCR vendor table and sign up for a raffle at the Fall 2013 NC Superior Court Judges Conference.

Judge Robert T. Sumner of Gaston County talks with Richard DiMartino (center) and Lisa Garrison (right) at the Fall 2013 NC Superior Court Judges Conference.

Richard DiMartino greets judges at the NC-AOCR vendor table during the Fall 2013 NC Superior Court Judges Conference.

The NC-AOCR is grateful for the support of legislators who have seen the value of having an official court reporter in North Carolina Superior Courts.

The clock is what we presented to the Legislators. Members of NC-OCR had a Meet & Greet last October 2012 to present a small “thank you” gift to Legislators who had been supporters of NC-AOCR.
Picture 1 – Fred Bone (AOCR Lobbyist), Kim Berens, Kimmel McDiarmid, Rep. Paul Stam, Pam Harris, Greg Mizanin.
Picture 2 – Greg Mizanin, Kim Berens, Rep. Leo Daughtry, Pam Harris, Kimmel McDiarmid.
Picture 3 – Fred Bone, Toni Rayburn, Sen. Sarah Stevens, Pam Harris, Greg Mizanin.
Picture 4 – Greg Mizanin, Kim Berens, Sen. Harry Brown, Pam Harris, Kimmel McDiarmid, Fred Bone.
If you are interested in knowing more about our lobbyist, Fred Bone, please visit his website. If you haven’t already, please view our position paper and see the “Why NCAOCR” page to find out more.

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