Realtime Scholarship Rules

Realtime Scholarship –  In honor and appreciation of the $300 donation given to NC-AOCR earlier this year by the NC Superior Court Judges, there will be three $100 gift certificates available to any Official Court Reporter for use in sitting for their CRR/RVR.

The rules are as follows:

Any Official Court Reporter interested in sitting for the CRR/RVR, submit your contact information to Jackie Wells at

  1. Each interested OCR will be given a ticket with a number on it. A twin ticket with the same number will be dropped into a “fishbowl” for the drawing.
  2. Tickets will be drawn and winners announced at Thursday night’s dinner.
  3. To redeem, email your registration documents to NC-AOCR Treasurer, Jackie Wells ( as proof of sitting for the exam. A check will be mailed to you.
  4. Good luck!!

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